NOTE: As of May 23, 2023, Dr. Baker's clinic is no longer working from our old offices at 501 E. King Street in Orlando. We are now at 557 North Wymore Road, Suite 202, Maitland FL 32751. Click here for a map.

If you need to call for directions or other office visit-related matters, call 407-794-8000.

Appointments: Call 407-794-8000, fax 877-409-1295 or use our Appointment Form

Call 407-794-8000,
fax 877-409-1295, or
use our Appointment Form

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Online Appointment Form (for patients)

Information on appointments — how to get referrals or how to make a self-referral — is here.

If you are ready to request an appointment, please fill out and submit this form. Items shown in blue type are required.

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